Delicious pork and chicken dinners are served five times each year on the fourth Wednesday of the month: May, June, September, and October. The dinner consists of pork or chicken and homemade dumplings with gravy, sauekraut, rye bread, danish, and coffee. The dinner is a great deal for only $13.00, $7.00 for a child's dinner. Beer is sold at the bar.
Pork Dinner                                                                Chicken Dinner
2021 tentative dinner dates are:
 5/26, 6/23, 9/22, and10,27
Serving from 5 - 7 PM
The price is only $13.00
and $7.00 for a child's dinner
Chinese Raffle and 50/50 drawing at 6:30 PM
Music for your dancing and
 listening pleasure from 4:30 to 7:00 PM
*For reservations, call 
Don Kotlan at 216-228-0027 or
June Karecki at 216-941-6969

* Rent The Hall, Dining Room and/or Bar Room for a great price!  Call 216-281-7077 for more information!